Thursday, December 15, 2011

USPS: What's Customer Service?

UPS...knocks at the door and leaves your package

FedEx...knocks at the door and leaves your package

USPS...leaves your package

I guess with the Holiday Season you've experienced delivery service from all of the above. There are other delivery services, but these are the three that come by our home most often.

I get a little ticked when UPS knocks and runs. I get a bit upset when FedEx knocks and walks away. BUT...the USPS does one better...NO KNOCKS...just drop and run!! No wonder the USPS is in the RED and wants to raise postage or cut services.

The USPS would do better by hiring customer friendly carriers; their workers tend to be anti-social and have a "who gives a D_ _ _ attitude." I live in Texas and we are somewhat on the neighborly side. We like our privacy, but we do tend to easily greet people in the street...which surprises a lot of folks visiting from other New York...with apologies to those New Yorkers who expect this of Texas hospitality!

I know that not all USPS employees are like the ones we've had lately. I know that some make noise to sort of warn you that a package is on your step, but for the most part they just slink away...or is it tip-toe away!

So...Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to the USPS...and I hope the New Year opens your eyes to something called...CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

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