Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barack Obama...Arrogance & Overreach

In 2009, I mentioned to some folks at work that Barack Obama was not a person to be trusted. I saw him as an arrogant dictator-like politician. I felt he was leading this country into a socialist style of government.

Little has happened to change my mind since then. Obama continues to ram his Left-wing policies and agenda throughout the federal government. He is a sadistic political animal who will not compromise. It's his way or no way. In his psyche, compromise is a sign of weakness.

Congress has done very little to rein in his mindless left leaning executive dictatorship. It’s as though they were playing along with him. Yes, they give lip service to protect their electability but fall short of actually stopping this socialist bully! I sometimes think that this egotistical despot has neutered our U.S. Congress!

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