Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Old Movie Sounds Like New Obama Tactics

I was watching an old movie titled "Confessions of a Nazi Spy." It was made in 1939 and stars Edward G. Robinson.

Some of the scenes in this movie illustrate the Nazi propaganda machine at work in the United States. The tactics used by the German Nazi organizations reminded me of Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008 and 2012.

You may not agree with my analysis. You may think I am completely wrong in my critique. Nevertheless, please read, compare, and contrast, then develop your own opinion.

In the movie, small groups of Nazi sympathizers spread their misinformation throughout the country, selling a romanticized candidate (Nazism) and not so much an agenda (world domination, class warfare, and condemnation of anything Jewish). The party line declared that Nazism was the answer to all the worlds’ inequality and ills, with Adolph Hitler as the savior!

This was very much like Obama’s own election campaign organizations (ACORN and the Main Stream Media as examples) characterized Barack Obama as charismatic and idyllic.  These groups spread the word to voters using every method of communication. Hope, change, and forward were the buzzwords in 2008 and 2012. They were just words with no depth!

In the movie, the German American Bund used youth camps to influence the critical young. They tried to indoctrinate the young into believing in and giving allegiance to the Nazi system. Do you remember the elementary kids singing praises to Barack Obama? Do you remember the teenagers dancing to a made-up song about Obama?

The Nazis used the media to preach intolerance. They set one race against another. They preached fear and loathing of the Jewish race. To them the only way to a better world was through racial purity. They defined that purity!

Barack Obama meanwhile sermonized on racial and class conflict. He promoted his concept of “spreading the wealth.” He provoked one class against another…the notorious “have and have not” citizens.

The media soon followed his lead. In the 2012 presidential election, MSNBC portrayed conservatives as racist. For example, Chris Matthews emphasized that conservatives were giving Romney a long leash (ideologically speaking) because they were racists.

Thankfully the movie ended with the Bad Guys (Nazi) being caught by the Good Guys (police, FBI, etc.) and run out of town! This film reflected a sign of those times. We could easily identify our enemies. Our tasks were clear. We had to defeat tyranny and protect our Constitution.

Maybe someday we voters can do the same to those who take our nation down the road to socialism. Maybe then, our Founders and our true Constitution will rule again!

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