Sunday, May 18, 2014

Goodbye to the Other Castro

Most folks never heard of Julian Castro. Unfortunately, citizens here in San Antonio, Texas know him too well...he's our mayor for the time being!

Castro leans so far to the Left that he sleeps on his Left side. This Barack Obama cheerleader is finally heading out of SATX. Obama wants him to serve in his do-nothing cabinet. Maybe Obama needs another scandal in his Administration. Whatever the case, at least we Conservatives in SATX can live without the like of Julian Castro.

Why do I not care for Julian Castro? Let's see:

  • He actively supports a "green" solar panel builder (just another Obama money pit) for SATX
  • Castro and the current city council have given gays more rights than the average Christian or Jew could ever get
  • We have LED Christmas (if I can use that word) lights that cost taxpayers more to operate but make us look like real "greenies"
  • SATX owns and rents bicycles all over town (many go unused)
  • He's pushed for bicycle lanes that make traffic worse for automobiles
  • He wants a streetcar system that is not needed and may lose money
  • He supports a mass transit boondoggle for Texas (you need a car to get around here)  
  • He wants to make SATX a "sanctuary city" for illegals
  • We have streets and sidewalks that need maintenance but lack it
  • SATX creates parks that aren't really needed (the Marie Antoinette "...let them eat cake..." syndrome)
  • We have crumbling sewer systems...but emphasis on parks and street cars
  • He supports big business versus the average SATX resident
  • He is an Obama disciple with socialist leanings
  • I'll stop here (no more Castro excretion)
Well, farewell Castro...enjoy D.C. and don't create any scandals!

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