Thursday, May 29, 2014

Obama Wants U.S. Miliarty to Act Like Putin Military?

The linked article tells us all that a 2010 Pentagon directive "...outlines presidential authority for use of military weapons and personnel against Americans during times of domestic unrest." Why? What does Barack Obama have in mind? Do we have anything to worry about? This sure sounds like the Russians getting their military in line to act on the civilian population of other countries! Is this our fate? There has to be a valid reason for this directive.
Or, maybe it's just Obama being Obama. You know, Obama gets mad as hell about this scandal and that scandal and then does nothing. Or, Obama backs this Islamic country take over in the name of democracy (Sharia law type) and then lets patriots get murdered. Or, how about his first lady starving school kids to force them NOT to get fat. What a merry couple the Obamas make...or is it scary?!

See the article and judge... Obama U.S. military to control civilian population?

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