Thursday, May 29, 2014

Obama, the U.S. Military, and "Climate Change"

Based on his latest speech to West Point cadets, Barack Obama will use them to fight climate change. I feel that Obama has another agenda regarding his climate change scam.

Obama, like Al Gore and others, has money invested in climate scamming. No matter what scientist say about man-made climate pollution or the non-existence of it, Obama will PUSH the U.S. into a more worldwide climate scam.

I believe in recycling. I make sure our family does all it can to recycle paper, plastic, and metal. Americans all do the same. I know a few who throw everything into the trash and have no regard for recycling, but I think they are a minority (like true Obama believers).

We, in the United States, do what we can NOT to pollute. But, what about China, India, and Third World countries? These are, in my opinion, the culprits behind pollution.

This said, we cannot change the climate of our planet. Weather and climate are cyclical. Remember the Ice Age? Barack Obama will not change a thing...only line his pockets on climate scams! And now, he tells our future military leaders that they must fight climate change? Anyone want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge??

Read more at... Military gets ready to combat climate change??

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