Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Intelligence of a Reagan

During the first years of his presidency, many liberals outside his administration and for that matter some Republicans within his administration, thought that Ronald Reagan might not be intelligent enough for the office. They felt he couldn't stay focused on the many problems he faced with the economy in recession.

Reagan fought for and got a tax cut for us all during those first years. Many felt that because of the decrease in tax revenue, that country would not come out of the recession. Reagan wanted time to prove that his economic plans could work. He was focused on the "big picture" and not the small trappings of the presidency. Reagan "stayed the course."

Soon he proved all his critics wrong. Reaganomics worked. Tax rates went down, revenue went up, inflation went down, big government started to become smaller, and private sector jobs were created. The central idea behind Reagan's economic plans worked another miracle, the American people felt good about themselves once again!

The not so intelligent and not so focused President showed us all what can be done when everyone else thought it couldn't be done! Reagan, unlike the current administration, created jobs from the private sector through reduced taxation. Reagan, unlike the current administration, reduced government. Reagan, unlike the current administration, lifted the American spirit.

And soon we will be looking for another Ronald Reagan to take us out of the doldrums of a president worse than Jimmy Carter. I'm looking for a person who may not debate as well as others, a person who might be human and forget things, a person who is or was once a state governor like Reagan, a person committed to smaller government, and a person demanding less taxation while creating more jobs through lower taxes.

Personally...I'm looking for a Rick Perry...how about you...think about it!

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