Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Obama Blunders

In 2004 the federal government brought the web site online. People in search of federal employment are able to use this site to match their skills to actual openings. Great Idea! At that time the web site was created and monitored by, one of the biggest job search companies in the private industry. Things looked pretty good for under Monster's supervision...but then...

The Obama Administration decided that the federal government good do a better job than and spent around $6 million developing a new "in-house" version of the site. The Office of Personnel Management ran the site and soon the bombs started falling.

People going online to do job searches soon crashed the web site. The web site also ran at "snail mail" speed and eventually locked out thousands of applicants. So much for government intervention! has offered its services while the federal government revamps its "in-house" job search monster. Let's see if version 1.5 works any better...or how about letting the free enterprise system work and let take over! Not under Obama the Socialist!!

FYI...Thanks to the Wall Street Journal for publishing this information in their October 25th issue. I'm just passing it on to you, my blog reader.

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