Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wear a Communist to School...Not Our Flag

It is totally crazy...schools allow kids to wear T-shirts with the image of Che Guevara, a murdering Communist, but they won't let kids wear our flag on their shirts. I'll give you this...the California school in this article was doing a "Cinco de Mayo thing" and some students wore T-shirts with the U.S. flag on them.

Maybe this was not such a smart stunt (wearing our flag) on that occasion celebrating Mexico's "independence" day. BUT...California is not part of what is the big deal? We have become overly "politically correct" and have forgotten our heritage.

Our country is made up of immigrants who "assimilated" into a people of ONE country not a smorgasbord of many peoples and nationalities. We were assimilated or absorbed into an American way of life.

We can remember our heritage as individual nationalities, but we must always remember our American heritage. I thank my Mexican grandparents for seeking a better life here in Texas. And thanks to them for assimilating and learning English and becoming decent citizens.

My point...California school authorities need to remember this is the U.S.A. and if students want to remind their classmates that they do live in the U.S.A. by wearing a shirt with our flag on it no matter the occasion...all the power to them...and keep the courts out of this! Oh speech is another issue in this fiasco!

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