Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friends of Obama

Barack Obama has a funny way of making and keeping friends. His lot includes the left leaning, the money dealing, and the corrupt. Here's just a partial list of Obama's friends:
  • Antoin Rezko...Corrupt Chicago land dealer
  • Alice Palmer...Long-time Chicago South Side activist and state senator
  • Frank Marshall Davis...Boyhood mentor and self proclaimed Communist
  • Richard Daley...Corrupt Chicago mayor
  • John and Todd Stroger...Corrupt father and son Cook County Board Presidents
  • Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn...60s radicals and Obama associates
  • The Chicago Democratic Machine...enough said
I find it hard to believe that Barack Obama proclaimed himself as a "reformer" in state and national politics. If you judge a person by their friends then I can't believe what Obama says yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

You be the judge...

EXCERPT - Peter Schweizer’s book Secret Empires: How Our Politicians Hide Corruption and Enrich Their Families and Friends.

THIS LOOKS LIKE A VERY GOOD BOOK TO READ. HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM AND ABOUT IT: The book, released Tuesday, said Obama and his administra...