Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why Use the "F" Word

I'm no prude, but I am getting a little tired of seeing vulgarity on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter! It's my opinion that if anyone has a point to make on any subject using these Internet sites...they should learn to use proper language. It takes less time to state a fact or opinion with civil language than it does with "F" this and "F" that!

I for one blame Hollywood for this explosion of vulgarity. Ever go to a movie nowadays and hear some character yell a curse word...not just once...but over and over again? Hollywood Screenwriters appear to have a limited vocabulary, and possibly, a limited brain as well.

Next in line for butchering the English language are those "rappers' and pseudo-singers who can't carry a tune but boy can they shout out the "F" word!! Gone are the days of real singers who had real meaningful songs. They've been replaced with smut mouths!

My rant comes after getting a few posts on one of my web sites...not on this blog but elsewhere. So...I challenge users of the web to use civil language in their posts and send the foul mouths back to Hades!

Don't know what "Hades" is? Look it up and learn. Expand your vocabulary and sound more intelligent to boot!

What say you?

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