Friday, June 8, 2012

More on Obama's Abortion Stand

In a previous posting, I wrote about Barack Obama’s stand on abortion while an Illinois state senator. I told you about Nurse Jill Stanek who testified before the Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee regarding a late-term abortion of a child with Downs Syndrome. I mention that Obama remained "unfazed" by her testimony.

Now, let me give you more information about this specific case and add some information from David Freddoso’s 2008 book “The Case Against Barack Obama.”

Nurse Stanek was working for Christ Hospital in Chicago when she “assisted” in the late-term abortion. This hospital was associated with two Christian denominations that supported legal abortions. One of these churches was Obama’s former denomination, the United Church of Christ.

The baby she cradled until it died was premature due to the induced labor forcing an abortion. The child was born with a disability that the parents did not want to be burdened with had he been born naturally. Stanek also found out that Christ Hospital had performed other such late-term abortions in the past.

Stanek spoke to the Chicago press and an article came out by Dennis Byrne who wrote…

“The argument that abortion doesn’t kill a “person” centers on the assertion that a fetus isn’t a person until it is born. So what do you call an abortion procedure in which the fetus is born alive, then is left to die without medical care? Infanticide? Murder?”

Nevertheless, according to Illinois public health law, Christ Hospital was doing nothing wrong by allowing late-term infants to die.

In February 2001, state senator Patrick O’Malley presented a bill to the Illinois Senate stating that “…babies born alive during an abortion would have to be treated just like every other baby that is born alive and prematurely…” and not left to die, as was the practice at Christ Hospital.

Since Barack Obama was a “proponent of legalized abortion” and he didn’t want to offend his Planned Parenthood allies he voted “present” on this bill. Obama’s “present” vote amounted to a non-vote.

Abortion may be legal in this country, but it is NOT moral! God will hold those who support abortion to task. They must answer to Him…as will Barack Obama.

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