Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - Bill O'Reilly

In this issue: Savage is no fan of the mainstream media, whether it calls itself "liberal" or "conservative."

Last night, he criticized Fox News host Bill O'Reilly for siding with Chief Justice Roberts on the Obamacare decision – as well as for using women on his TV show as "eye candy."

"We have a real problem when Fox parades itself as a conservative network," Michael Savage told listeners, adding:

They have the audacity to have Bill O'Reilly get up there and stare into the camera and say that Chief Justice Roberts is a brave man and an honest man who did a conservative thing.

That's an utter lie.

That is absolute propaganda.

How does a malarkey thrower like O'Reilly have a TV show? I know why he lost his radio show. Radio is a different medium. You can't use cute women with nice legs and lipstick to boost your ratings.

You have to base your show on what you're saying. All you have on radio is your voice and your mind and your guts.

And O'Reilly had none of those. That's why he flopped in radio.

But how does he get away with it on television?

It's because of the ditzy girls he has on his show as eye candy. I think that's his biggest claim to ratings. Viewers can't wait to see O'Reilly bring another leg-crosser up so that he can pretend that he's talking to them.

All he's doing is using them, just like any other a sexist uses a woman.

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