Thursday, July 19, 2012

Michael Savage: Obama Most Evil Man in the Presidency

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In this issue:
Savage made a bold observation about the current resident of the Oval Office – that Obama is "the most dangerous man in the history of the presidency."

He also speculated about whether or not Mitt Romney's good looks will help him or hurt him with voters.

 "If you really have an open mind, you can learn anything," Savage told his listeners, adding:

You can even learn that Obama is the most evil man in the history of the presidency, and the most dangerous.

If he wins again, he's going to unleash everything that he's been holding back.

What Obama started to do in the beginning was the real Obama: The czars taking over General Motors, the highways to nowhere, trillions of dollars that no one can account for, destroying the U.S. military, wiping out NASA with the stroke of a pen. ...

You have a dangerous president.

And he gets away with licking ice cream cones and Girl Scout cookies because of the foolish morons in the media -- who will suffer just as much as the rest of us will if this Marxist wins a second term.

If we had a candidate who was a Mormon and looked like Woody Allen, they might vote for him. But Romney is so utterly handsome that they don't like him.

There's resentment there.

That's another issue about this election that everybody else is afraid to bring up: Obama's not a handsome man.

Obama's kind of weird looking, with the ears and the skinniness.

But people like the fact that he looks like a goofy guy.

Romney looks too much like the captain of the football team when you were just a schmendrick.

So, how many new enemies have I made in this first 18 minutes of the show?

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