Friday, July 6, 2012

Obama...Not Christian...Not Muslim...God State

It's my opinion that in order for Barack Obama to be a Christian or a Muslim, he must believe and worship a Greater Being than himself. For this reason, I don't think he is either a Christian or a Muslim.

Barack Obama worships Big Government. He believes that the answer to all human ills is Big Government. Obama the Progressive-Liberal worships the "God State."

Jonah Goldberg, the  Editor-at-large of the National Review Online, recently told the Faith and Freedom Conference that "They (Progressives) believe in what the philosopher Hegel called ‘the God State’ because government could do all the things that God would do if God actually existed. It empowered the Left to play God.”

Does this sound familiar? Don't you think that Barack Obama wants to create a federal government that will feed all people, educate all people, and take care of the health of all people?

Let's start with the increase in Food Stamp users since Obama took office. Feed all people and they will be beholding to the state.

Look at all the support Obama gives to teachers unions and the stimulus money he wants to give them. Remember student loans and his willingness to extend rates? Remember the elementary students singing their praise of Barack Hussein Obama?

And then there is Obamacare. Not much more can be said regarding this government overreach program. The important issue is that Big Government will control our health in one way or another!

So, let's create a state that takes care of all the people...who needs God? Why worship some invisible Deity when you have a visible Big Government taking care of all your wants.

Obama has had a few slips of the tongue in his denial of God. For example, his various misquotes about our Declaration of Independence. Why does he omit the word "Creator?" Did he just forget? Or was it done for a reason?

How about Obama's support for abortions on demand and gay marriage. Does God think abortions are not a sin? Does God have a problem with same sex marriage? Open a Bible and look for the answers. Hint - Thou shall not kill...Sodom and Gomorrah...Adam and Eve. But Obama and the State have no problem with either!

So if Obama believes in all this and wants to do all this, is he not worshipping the state as the final solution for all of man's needs? Isn't he doing what the old Soviet Union did? Or how about Communist China and Hitler's Germany? Weren't these countries and its leaders practicing the religion of the "God State?" Think about it...Christian...Muslim...God State.

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