Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - A Dictatorship of Socialist Bureaucrats

Michael Savage says: We're facing a dictatorship of socialist bureaucrats.

In this issue: Americans are being ruled by a gang of unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats.

Call them "socialists" or "statists" or "Marxists," Savage told listeners; regardless of what we call them, or they call themselves, these bureaucrats are quite simply part of a "dictatorship."

"Where is the recession?" Savage asked this week, as he noticed all the packed restaurants in his San Francisco neighborhood. He added:
It's true that some stores are boarded up and have brown paper over the windows.

The day I see brown paper over the federal government, then I'll know we're on the road to recovery.

When they shut down 30 percent of the federal departments, then I'll know were on the way to recovery.

How is it that a small number of people working in the government get to rule 300 million of us? How does that work?

Is it somewhere in the Constitution where it says that a small number of elite people will rule over everyone else?

I think it said somewhere that government should be limited, so then people don't end up with a dictatorship of the bureaucrats.

And then you wake up one day and here we are, facing that very thing.

We're facing the dictatorship of a power-mad narcissist. And I don't care whether or not you call him a communist or Marxist or socialist -- it doesn't matter. That's what Obama is.

And that's what every bureaucrat who speaks for him is.

They think they have the right to rule over us, not to enact our desires.

That, my friends, is a dictatorship.

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