Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cutting PBS...Yes...No

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is the issue...not Big Bird. These two entities are independent of each other. The only thing they share is an audience.

Big Bird’s appearance on Sesame Street is part of the Sesame Workshop, formerly Children’s Television Workshop. That group tried to sell the Sesame Street concept to NBC and CBS. Both networks said no to the show. Time-Life Broadcasting and Westinghouse also turned down the Sesame Street idea. Eventually Big Bird and company showed up on PBS.

In order to help bring down our government spending, Mitt Romney proposes to cut funding for PBS. Can it affect Big Bird and Company? I doubt it.

Sesame Street is a multi-million dollar maker. The “street gang” merchandises everything from stuffed animals to lunch kits. Big Bird and company are doing OK.

Congress through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting funds PBS indirectly. In fiscal year 2008 U.S. public television revenues were $1.9 billion and of this amount 19.2% came from federal sources. So does PBS need government money? You decide.

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