Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Vietnam Vets, Mid-East Vets, and American Society

I remember all those Left leaning scumbags calling returning Vietnam veterans "baby killers" and spitting at them. I remember students chanting for an end to a war started by politicians like Lyndon B. Johnson and then blaming that war on returning veterans.

Today, the federal government and the American society in general give a hand out to returning Med-East veterans. Thank God that at least a center-right society wants to give these guys a better welcome than the Nam vets.

These Mid-East vets have their problems. The military does put a burden on these men and women just like in Vietnam. The enemy is the chosen target. It's kill or be killed. But, when they come home, not everyone treats them with kindness and some understanding.

Check out this story and see the pitiful side of justice...
Do Liberals really remember and understand the military?

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