Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Who Can You Trust...Not Barack Obama

Mr. Medicine Man hit an all time low. A recent poll taken by Quinnipiac University shows that only 39% of those questioned approve of Barack Obama's job performance. Of those polled, 52% of voters said they thought Obama was NOT honest and trustworthy!

There's more to the poll. And, it doesn't get any better for Obama.

Obama also received these face slapping results:

  • Foreign policy...Approve 38% to Disapprove 53%
  • Immigration...Approve 35% to Disapprove 53%
  • The federal budget...Approve 32% to 62%
  • Health care...Approve 36% to Disapprove 60%
  • The U.S. economy...Approve 38% to Disapprove 59%
Read more about this poll at... Quinnipiac poll...Thumbs Down on Obama

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