Friday, May 19, 2017

God has Extended Meetings with President Trump


Reports have come out of our nation’s capital that President Trump has daily meetings with God. Some sources report that the meetings are often extended and that the Lord has made Himself available to Mr. Trump at all times of the day.

When asked about the subject of the meetings, God could only say that He did a lot of listening. According to Our Lord, Mr. Trump is extremely concerned about the future of our country. He has frequently asked God for help in bringing our country back to religious conviction and making it strong again.

God did mention that there are many radical individuals and organizations who have tried to tear down President Trump. It is widely known that many disciples of Satan have organized to wreck Mr. Trump’s presidency. The Lord mentioned that His angels are working feverishly to counteract the extreme attacks upon Mr. Trump.

God also stated that the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are always in touch with President Trump. God the Father has often consulted with His Son in Their efforts to help President Trump make our country great again. The Holy Spirit has often inspired Mr. Trump when making decisions.

God knows that as a human, Mr. Trump may sometimes fall short. The Lord said that the daily prayers President Trump sends up to heaven please Him very much. It is those prayers that help President Trump overcome his shortcomings.

God ended the interview with a short statement, “Our daily meetings will continue and I will help President Trump succeed. His prayers will be heard.” AMEN

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