Sunday, October 1, 2017

Incompetent Mayors and Other Vermin

It looks like Liberal city mayors are all over our country and its territories. After major hurricanes and storms, too many city mayors have come out of their Leftwing shells to act like Liberal lunatics.

The most recent Liberal to come out of the closet is Carmen Yulín Cruz the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the federal government under President Donald Trump has done all he can to help restore the island territory to its former self. Food, water, and other sustaining supplies have pour into San Juan and Puerto Rico. U.S. personnel are on the ground helping Puerto Rico recover. Yet, Mayor Yulin Cruz complains that her citizens are dying! What a farce! Could it be that she and Puerto Rico are CORRUPT!

The mayor criticizes Mr. Trump even after three major named hurricanes have devastated Puerto Rico and the states of Texas and Florida. Assorted catastrophes have nearly overburdened our federal government. For the most part of nation and its government has responded rapidly and with strength of purpose.

The San Juan mayor is not alone in her Liberal hypocrisy. Sylvester Turner, the mayor of Houston, Texas, told citizens NOT to evacuate parts of the city after Hurricane Harvey started flooding the city this year. Later the mayor recanted and asked that people leave the already flooded areas. Turner then proposed raising city property taxes to pay for rebuilding. He just wanted to add to the misery Houston citizens who were already suffering! Now, Turner worries that a "bureaucratic maze" could slow the rebuilding…maybe his own bureaucracy! The Liberal loser also wants money from the Texas Rainy Day Fund. I wonder how much goes to the mayor’s re-election coffer.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina passed southeast of New Orleans and flooded the city. The then mayor Ray Nagin could have saved many lives through positive action. The mayor and his gang had previous experiences with major storms, but the Nagin Administration did nothing to change the city's hurricane plans. There were empty school buses parked in a flooded lot within the city. These busses could have evacuated citizens from the flooding and other dangers! Nagin failed his city and the people suffered. This Liberal hoodlum was later convicted of taking bribes and sentenced to 10 years.

Whenever a city is governed by a Liberal administration, for the most part bad decisions are made. Money is wasted. Citizen needs are not met. Statues are removed. Schools are renamed. Liberal ideas permeate the city halls of major metropolises. The only vision many mayors have is the vision of re-election!

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