Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fracking, the Energy Source of the Future

There is an interesting article in the June 25-26 issue of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) regarding "fracking." This process, fracking, is simply horizontal drilling for oil and natural gas. In particular, fracking into shale for natural gas has drastically reduced the price of the same. The process uses "...a 60-year old technique called hydraulic fracturing..." that pumps water, sand, and certain chemicals into the oil or natural gas wells to force out these products from the shale. Texas is a leader in the fracking process.

The United States has within its borders some of the largest deposits of natural gas and possibly oil. By using the fracking process, we may produce the energy that we so much depend on to power of daily lives.

Environmentalists have come up with a laundry list of negatives about fracking. They claim everything from water pollution to cancer causing methane leaks. According to the WSJ article these concerns have been proven false to a great degree. One big problem is the federal government and in particular the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA  wants to bully its way into short-circuiting this proven process. It throws one study after another trying to prove that fracking has  a major impact on drinking water and animals. It preaches its cause libere "environmental justice." Unfortunately as in other cases the American people suffer form more government intervention!

Fracking is safe if practiced safely. States where the process has brought new growth in employment and opportunities have established laws to greatly protect its citizens and lands. There are proven fields of oil and natural gas that could bring a new boon to economically distressed states...just keep Uncle Sam at bay!

If you get a chance, read the article on page A14 of the weekend WSJ. It gives you more information than I can expand on here in this blog. There you can see the plus and minuses and also the myths about this proven process. As a Texan, I welcome this kind of development in our job friendly state.

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