Monday, June 20, 2011

Rick Perry...A Candidate We Can All Trust

Rick Perry is an unknown to a lot of you out there in America. However, since I am a life-time Texas resident, I can say I know a little about this man.
Perry is governor of Texas. He's held this office since the year 2000. He is, in my estimation, a conservative Republican who holds true to our Constitution.

As governor of Texas, Perry has led our state into a new era of prosperity. Texas ranks at the top regarding jobs created and maintained by states in our country. Perry is a leading proponent of business in Texas. Although he may not always attract high profile businesses, in his years he has been able to keep Texas a leader in the free enterprise system.

Texas, as in other states, has suffered from education shortfalls. One reason for less federal funding for Texas education is that Perry told the federal government that Texas would not need as much as other states to run its public school systems. He wanted to keep spending lines at previous fiscal year levels. Obama and his administration penalized Texas for not spending more! Texas still has one of the best education systems without having to spend as much as other states.

So you say...why Rick Perry? Well, here's just a few reasons why...and he's done a lot to make it so:
  • Texas has NO state income tax.
  • Texas is a Right to Work state (to me this means that unions don't tell us what to do).
  • Texas attracts more people than any other state.
  • Texas fights the federal government (EPA for one) whenever it oversteps its authority.
  • Texas is Perry country and he is our next President!
What do you think?

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