Friday, March 30, 2012

Feeling the Gas Pump Pinch?

Please stand and say thanks to Barack Obama for spiking gas prices in your area. You should be thankful that you pay more at the gas pump so Obama can give more to the solar industry, wind generator greenies, and algae eating fuel producers. What a Guy...and he hasn't even landed the U.S. on the socialist side of the street!

You know we shouldn't get too use to fueling our cars with fossil fuels. It's time to plug in the Model T and electrify it. Now where will we get the electricity? Obama hates coal and wants to bankrupt it. Big Oil is bad. And, the only natural gas he likes comes out of his tokhes! Oh well...see that ad Obama hates to see...

The gas price ad Obama doesn’t want you to see « Hot Air

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