Monday, March 5, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Apologies and Says Why

Rush Limbaugh apologized to Ms. Sandra Fluke regarding his original comments about her. And now he's telling us why he did so. In essence he says he stooped to the level of the Left leaning media.

It's true that people on the Left like to use vulgarities to make a point. I often read their comments on Facebook and Twitter. On both venues, I've asked folks to watch their language when writing. I try to watch mine.

What Rush said about Ms. Fluke may not be too far off target since her staged testimony made her sound like a very promiscuous woman. She degraded herself by asking taxpayers to pay for her habits.

Obamacare would require all insurers to pay for contraception and day-after-birth control. And she sound like she needs help paying for insurance, she sounds like she want us to contribute!

This is all my opinion. Read more and see Rush’s explanation on

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