Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter

'There is no opposition party in America!'
Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your weekly insider report on all things "Savage."

In this issue: Savage declares that everyone in America knows that the Obama White House is the most corrupt administration in U.S. history, but adds that the Republican Party isn't prepared to oppose the powers that be.

Michael Savage started with week by saying to listeners:

I can't imagine what you must feel when you see these sanctimonious, self-righteous phonies driving around with their "OBAMA/BIDEN" bumper stickers.

Everybody in this country with an IQ above 90 and who isn't tied in to the government knows how corrupt this administration is.

Farmers in the Midwest were robbed of $1.2 billion and can't buy seeds for next year. They're telling CNN reporters that (Former governor and MF Global CEO John) Corzine is getting away with "losing" this money because he's a major Democrat. The Justice Department won't prosecute Corzine for the same reason: because he's a Democrat,

When I hear farmers talking like this openly, that's how I know the American heartland knows what's going on.

Understand that you are not alone if you realize that this is the most corrupt administration in history.

Go back and look up the Teapot Dome scandal. When I was a schoolboy, I was taught that that was the worst case of corruption in U.S. history. But it pales by comparison to what goes on under the Obama gang.

If we had an opposition party, I would retire, gain 40 pounds and just float around on a boat until God decides to take me up there because he needs someone to talk to.

But the Republican Party isn't doing its job.


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