Sunday, August 19, 2012

Obama: The Skillful Liar

"Spending the last week studying the Ryan plan on Medicare, against the remarks made about it by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, has produced a surprising result. The surprise is in finding that the only way Mr. Obama can deal with Ryan’s plan is to lie about it, and he has done plenty of that.

When this writer is not dealing with the religious beliefs and trends in the nation, I spend most of the remaining time on general trends, pop culture influences, and philosophical assuagements that are the ebb and flow of American society.

Little digging is needed to capture the tone and temper of the Obama campaign and the effect it has on the people. It is open and blaringly apparent that Mr. Obama can manipulate both words and emotions with all the skills of a pied piper. What he can’t seem to do is consistently tell the truth."

Above is a short excerpt from an article titled
"Obama Campaign Sinks To New Low" by Rev Michael Bresciani.
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