Friday, August 3, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - China & Dems

China and Obama's Democrats have a lot in common

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In today's issue: Savage condemned the Peoples' Republic of China for its sinister treatment of young athletes and their families.

He went on to compare Obama and the Democrats to the Chinese communists, describing them all as "big government statists."

Michael Savage was dismayed by reports that "children in China are being taken from their families as babies if they show any sign of athleticism and they're being trained to compete in the Olympics."

He explained:
    China isn't a nation that believes in individual rights and human rights.

    China believes in collectivism – which is exactly what Obama believes in and what Democrats believe in.

    When I tell you Obama is a statist who believes in big government, I'm telling you he believes China is doing the right thing in taking children away from their parents, to make them a pawn of the state.

    The Chinese are making suckers of the entire world, doping their athletes, stealing children and turning them into trained seals.

    Yet it doesn't stop network TV from selling ads around it. How does that work?

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