Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sign of the Times: SA TX Bike Boondoggle

The city of San Antonio, Texas has a bike rental program for the downtown area. The way is works is for residents and tourists alike to park their cars and use a rent-a-bike.

Our Obama disciple mayor, Julian Castro, has gone all out to "go green." This bike boondoggle is just one aspect of his EPA friendly thinking.

The city owned energy company City Public Service (CPS) also bought a fleet of Chevy Volts to bolster GM and Obama's big government buyout. The mayor also brags about a CPS solar power operation. Mr. Green just doesn't want us to kill our planet...even though scientists are still not in total agreement regarding man's impact on Mother Earth!

Well, back to my rant regarding the rent-a-bikes. I recently went through the downtown area, and found a rent-a-bike stand totally unused. Not one bike was missing from this location close to the intersection of one of the city's busiest streets, St. Mary's Street! Not one bicycle was out and about saving energy and keeping pollution from killing SA TX!

Here we are with a city that has aging streets in need of repair, a sadly old water and sewer system needing upgrades, increased crime in certain neighborhoods, true growth in only the more affluent areas, and a growing population (metropolitan estimate of 2,194,927 people). But, who cares, lets get rent-a-bike stations for those who can afford them!

Sad to say...the "city leaders" have their own Liberal-Progressive priorities. Rent-a-bike programs, electric cars, and Henny Penny solar power systems are much more important than city infrastructure.

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