Monday, August 27, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter: Obama the Commie

'Obama the communist keeps spreading his lies'

In today's issue: Savage continues to focus on stories the mainstream media ignores: the possible connection between illegal immigration and the spread of contagious diseases across the country; the federal government’s purchase of hollow-point bullets while the nation shoulders a massive deficit; and Obama’s hypocrisy regarding party campaign donations.

"Obama is busy tearing down America, while crazy leftists keep attacking a congressman for something stupid he said about rape," Michael Savage complained, adding:

    They're ignoring all of the really big problems.

    How about the Russian submarine that snuck into the Gulf of Mexico without detection?

    What about the hundreds of thousands of rounds of hollow-point ammunition the government is stockpiling?

    Or the trillions of dollars in deficit?

    Meanwhile, Obama the communist keeps spreading his lies as I pointed out in my book -- the one book you need to read this year – "Trickle Down Tyranny."

    Buy it for a friend before we lose all our constitutional rights.

    Obama accuses the GOP of spending "more money than you've ever seen" to get elected and criticizes "folks writing $10 million checks" to the Republican Party.

    But what about rich, powerful, fanatical Hollywood donors, Mr. President? What about all those illegals you're trying to register?

    It turns out they're bringing the West Nile Virus and other contagious diseases into America, not to mention more crime.

    Now I've been invited to broadcast from the Republican convention. Should I go?

    If I went, would I have any impact? You might as well put me in Siberia

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