Monday, September 10, 2012

Obama & Castro: the Abortion Kings

Barack Obama thanked Planned Parenthood for their support. He too favors abortions on demand. I guess Obama doesn't need those innocent children that abortions murder! Read about his thank you note at...

A little further south, in San Antonio, Texas...Mayor Julian Castro mirrors Obama's thinking. He too favors the slaughter of the innocents!

Even though he is Catholic, Castro believes in Pro-Choice, another title for Pro-Abortion. He feels women have a "right" to an abortion. He said during an interview on PBS that:
There's no question that there's a teaching of the Catholic Church that's in contradiction with a pro-choice position, and there are folks who've made a lot of an issue of that. But if you look at opinion polls of Catholics, it's very clear that there's also a significant number of Catholics who are pro-choice. And so I feel like almost anything - whether it's a religion or something else, an ideology that folks subscribe to - you're not going to agree with it 100 percent. And you see that with regard to Catholics and reproductive rights. So I realize as a Catholic that I don’t have the same view as the bishops, as the pope, but I’m still Catholic.” (Article in the San Antonio Express-News on Sunday 9 Sept. 2012, page A-12)

So Castro, like many politicians, thinks polls have a greater import than Church law. Furthermore, he dances around the issue but falls back on polls to give his belief credibility! And by the way, he is more important than any bishop or pope…what Cajones!

Both Barack Obama and Julian Castro see nothing wrong with abortions. Both men appear to have little regard for human life. Both men share a tainted psyche that has no respect for the life God gives us. What's your opinion?

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