Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Michael Savage: Obama has Even Hoodwinked the Democratic Party

Welcome to The Michael Savage Newsletter, your daily insider report on all things "Savage." 

In today's issue: Savage blasted President Obama for attending a glittering fundraising event in Las Vegas right after the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya. 

He also warned that the Iranians have infiltrated America's banking system and are planning other covert and overt attacks, all while the president embraces and encourages Islamist regimes around the world, as part of the "Obama Doctrine." 

Michael Savage told listeners, "Obama has hoodwinked wiser men in the Democratic Party into believing that he actually cares about America when he doesn't." 

He added: 

This man has a hard-left agenda. 

He has permitted not just the communists to thrive around the world but the Islamists as well. 

Obama has the nerve to say that he would track down the killers of Ambassador Stevens in Libya. 

But what has he done? He hasn't even found them, has he? Instead, he was off to a fundraising event 10 minutes later. 

This is only the beginning. 

The Islamists in Iran have attacked our banking infrastructure over the last few days. In fact, if you had trouble withdrawing money from the Bank of America or other banks, it's because Iran has infiltrated the banks' computers and is trying to cause havoc in our banking system.

This is all a result of the Obama Doctrine. 

Why don't the American people understand this? 

Here's the answer: The culprit is the media.

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