Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Must Get Tough

This is my Opinion:

We are getting close to Election Day. We've seen enough Obama negative ads to last a few election cycles. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney speaks in low tones.

However, it's time for Romney to get his message out to voter in tougher terms. We know very well that our economy is going down the tube. We know that entitlements have increased to the depredation of taxpayers. We know that the Muslim world sees us as weak and ineffective. We know that Obama is weaker than Jimmy Carter was back in the 80s.
Romney has to speak out and let voters know that it's time for a real change! He must get tough on Obama. He must speak more against Obamacare. He must back his opinions regarding people who won't vote for him because they are "addicted" to Big Government handouts. He must let the world know that the U.S.A. is still the power we were under Ronald Reagan.

Mitt Romney must become the 21st Century Ronald Reagan!

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