Monday, September 17, 2012

Michael Savage: Muslim mobs only understand one thing: power

The following is a Michael Savage email newsletter...

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In today's issue: Savage reflected on the failure of the Obama administration to acknowledge the basic facts on the ground in the Middle East and beyond.

In the Arab world, he pointed out, violence and power are the only thing millions of people respect and understand. Last week, our enemies sensed American weakness and struck – and White House policy (not an obscure movie) is to blame for every act of horrific violence.

"The fact is, there are millions if not hundreds of millions of people in the Arab world who share the vision of Osama Bin Laden," Michael Savage explained, adding:

No matter how many times you apologize to them, no matter how many idiotic diplomats you send over there who think they're so wonderful because they went to Berkeley, one thing is clear: They only understand power, and they see that you're weak.

A German daily paper writes today:

"Three years after Obama's speech in Cairo which was supposed to initiate a new beginning in the Middle East, the United States now has even less support in the region than before.

"Naked hatred is raging against the country that millions of people regard as a symbol of freedom.

"When U.S. flags burn, embassies are vandalized and diplomats are murdered, it is an attack on the West and not just America.

"We rooted for the demonstrators at Tahrir Square, and many of us have longed to see democracy in the Arab nations. But democracy includes honoring the lives of fellow humans."

But we know those people can't honor the lives of fellow humans, especially infidels.

They used Obama. They used Hillary. They used the ambassador to get where they are.

And then they killed him.

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