Sunday, February 17, 2013

Left Wing Media Attacks...AGAIN

What do you do when you don't have a logical argument for a person or issue? What if you have has no defense for an Obama crony? What to do...what to do...what to do!

Why you do like the New York Times attack your critics. And current Obama critic is Texas Senator Ted Cruz. And the issue is falling star Chuck Hagel...the guy that Obama wants to run our Defense Department! Hagel has so many holes in his nomination that you could sift flour through his iron clad nomination!

Not to be undone, the Washington Post and Politico joined the NYT in bashing Cruz. Liberals have a tendency to hang together (like on the gallows). Senator Cruz may be taking a lot of hits from the Lame Stream Media, but he can definitely hold his own.

Cruz had big shoes to fill taking over for Kay Bailey Hutchison. Guess what, he has his own boots and they are kicking Liberal A- - all over Washington! Go get 'em, Ted!

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