Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Texas Schools Getting Radical Lesson Plans

I am a Texas resident. After 66 years, I thought I had heard and seen it all. Growing up in Texas, I experienced education that told us about our Founders, our heroes, and our country. I grew up learning about the best and the worst in our history. America was not just a place, but an experience.

Life in our country may have been less complex back in the 50s and 60s, but we did have our share of radicals who preached only the bad within our country. These radicals grew up like myself (maybe a little richer and better educated) in a world of the Cold War and Vietnam. They went about protesting, marching, and even destroying government institutions!

Today, these radicals are now taking over our education system. Here in Texas, our kids are getting a some what disturbing education. We owe this bizarre plan of instruction to CSCOPE. This future sounding acronym is putting some strange things into our kids' heads.

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