Thursday, February 21, 2013

Liberals: Protect Furry Creatures...OK to Kill Human Infants

It is a sad fact that if you meet a true Liberal, you meet a person who goes crazy over animal rights but has little regard for human life. To them an animal must be respected, but a human deserves no such respect.

In March of 2012, Kayleigh McEnany wrote in the International Business Times the following:

"Liberalism, with all of its fringe groups taken together, is a very curious ideology. For the far left, the sanctuary is Planned Parenthood, their kingdom is the environment, and their gods are the furry creatures that inhabit it. As for the humans? They get the doghouse. Unless, of course, you are one of the saints like John Kerry, Al Gore, or Nancy Pelosi."

She further writes:

"When you drive down the road, you might have passed a billboard -- also courtesy of PETA -- featuring model Joanna Krupa as a naked angel holding a crucifix to cover her breasts. The caption reads, Be an Angel for Animals. Always adopt. Never buy. Notice that there's no such radical fervor when it comes to adopting humans.

Rather than advocating for the rights of children, the Democrats instead scream in their shrillest voice on behalf of a woman's right to abort her unborn children. Why the left is passionately, if not radically pro-animal but-at the same time-fervently anti-unwanted, unborn child, I will never know."

 writes in The College Conservative:

"If you are convicted of a DUI in Florida, you can be jailed for a maximum of six months. You will be fined some amount ranging from $200 to $500. You will also have to do community service, serve a year’s probation, and live with a suspended license for a few months. If you destroy sea turtle eggs in Florida twice in one year, you can be jailed for a maximum of six months. You will be fined some amount ranging from $250 to $1000, plus an additional $100 for every “unit of marine life” killed. The price on the life of a drunk driver is equal to the price of five sea turtle lives under Florida law."

So next time you see Bambi be sure to brake or swerve and avoid that poor creature. But, if you hear about an Abortion, just remember it's only a human being!

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