Thursday, February 28, 2013

White House Threatens Bob Woodward

The Obama White House could NOT prove that Bob Woodward was wrong when he told the world that Barack Obama was not telling the truth about sequestration. Since the WH was unable to disprove Woodward's story, they did what all Liberal politicians do...they threatened Woodward.

Obama's sequester tactics i.e. trying to scare the public, may be working, but at least some news outlets are giving Americans the truth about the Obama lie! Obama has increased spending on various programs by an average of 17% since he's been in office (Wall Street Journal, Wednesday Feb 27, 2013, Opinion - The Sequester Revelation).

We are currently looking at a 2% reduction over more than one fiscal year in federal spending. Obama preaches doom and gloom in order to get what he wants...more federal spending!

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