Monday, November 21, 2016

ABC and Co. Continue to Pick on Trump

I am watching the local noon news “show” in San Antonio TX. This particular television station is an ABC affiliate. The newscasters sitting at the desk, like their parent network talking heads, treat any news regarding President-elect Donald Trump pessimistically.

This time around, the news “commentary” was about Mr. Trump’s discussions with potential cabinet members and his team. The schlock network has problems with anything he does or who he picks. ABC like other networks just cannot accept our new President.

ABC was and is a Hillary Clinton backer. From start to finish, ABC and other networks had Hillary winning the 2016 election. The mainstream media also treats Barack Obama like some kind of savior, which he is NOT.  All Left-Wing networks better remember that the Silent Majority elected Donald Trump…not Hillary and not St. Barack!

The night before, ABC presented an awards show that had some two-bit performers preach to THEIR new President. It looks like too many crybaby Hollywood types just cannot get over the fact that we the People won this election. We picked the right person to lead us back from the brink on the liberal cliff. Yes, these vaudeville rejects have a right to speak out, but get off the American stage and find you a soapbox in Central Park to sermonize!

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