Monday, November 14, 2016

The Week Magazine is a Weak Ragazine

According to the cover of The Week Magazine, I was expected to be doing this when Donald Trump lost the presidential election. I don’t even remember doing this when Barack Obama, some unknown politician, won the 2008 election. The same holds true for Obama’s 2012 election. I often wonder whey both Republican candidates during those two election cycles lost.

Neither candidate, now forgotten by history, made an issue of the mysterious Barack Obama. Later, nothing was said about the way government was leaning towards a socialist ilk under Obama. No one wanted to criticize Obama because he was black. The truth is…Obama is of mixed race…so why pamper the guy? Oh, that’s right; ask the Main Stream Media…his cheerleaders!

I am an Independent voter. I am sorry to say that I voted for Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat many years ago. Later in life, I found out how much of a socialist LBJ really was with his Great Society swindle. Today we suffer because of his entitlement society.

After that initial error, I voted for the Republican candidates. As I think back, I feel my best choice was Ronald Reagan. The Bush Boys seemed OK until both showed their “dynasty” colors in 2016. Neither Bush backed Donald Trump even though both knew about Clinton corruption! Then it came to Trump.

Donald Trump, like Ronald Reagan, is a political outsider. Trump is a businessman who’s done very well for himself and his employees. Trump got my vote. Therefore, if Trump had lost, I was supposed to run amuck and protest his loss. As we’ve seen, the reverse is true. Hillary Huggers just can’t believe she lost. Their first instinct is to do what the cover suggested back before the elections.

Sorry…The Week Magazine got it wrong! There should be a re-issue with pictures of Hillary Henchmen running crazy for Clinton! However, that magazine does lean to the LEFT of America…why expect a retraction!

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