Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Liberal Media Just Can’t Get Over a Trump Win

The insanity continues! Liberal newspapers just don’t get it.

Here in San Antonio TX, we have a weekly community paper sponsored by the Hearst Corporation’s San Antonio Express-News. I hate to give this newspaper so much publicity, but they leave themselves open as cry baby liberals who cannot fathom that America voted for and elected Donald Trump. Most of the opinions in both the mother paper and its offspring, disguised as writing, lean to the Left.

The community paper, that will remain nameless, has a writer (opinion hack) whose headline on page five reads “Maybe Trump Never Learned About Politeness.” The writer uses the feature name Comadre Chronicles. Maybe she should change it to the COMRADE CHRONICLES!

The first line reads, “How many parents are asking themselves, am I going to explain to my kids that it is not OK to act like President-elect Donald Trump?” I guess the writer knows President-elect Trump personally and can offer such a one-liner! Maybe the writer has inside information on how Trump acts every second, every minute, every hour, every day, ad infinitum. It could be that this writer has a degree from Miss Etiquette University on how we should all act. Who knows?

Don’t let her first line fool you; she’s not done yet! Next, she targets Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and them Ronald Reagan. She talks about role models; hinting that these Presidents were not. She needs to protect her poor pampered kids from acting like these mean men.

I wonder if she wants to sponsor Bill Clinton for sainthood. Maybe his many affairs are just “boys being boys.” Ask Monica! I wonder if Hillary’s lying is nothing to write about and we should ignore it along with Benghazi! Maybe her kids should act more like Hillary and throw after-election tantrums.

Gosh, what makes me feel that this “Comadre” writer leans way to Left of Center? Why do I feel offended by her rants? Could it be that she and other Clinton cheerleaders are still crying in their beer?

She ends the “opinion” piece with the line “It may be one of the biggest lessons a kid can learn that only a parent can teach.” I recommend that the writer grow up before she can teach her kids how to grow up!

Let’s see…Donald Trump won the presidential election…people who don’t like the results should all stop acting like spoiled brats…I didn’t riot or cry when Barack Obama won his seat!

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