Friday, November 25, 2016

Celebrity Winners for Trump

Most readers know that personalities like Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, and Dennis Miller supported President-elect Donald Trump. These individuals, like many of their cohorts, suffered the scorn of Hollywood and the sports world for expressing their dedication to Conservative values. Here is a partial list of other winners who bet the house on Trump:

Scott Baio
Kirk Cameron
Stephen Baldwin
Gary Busey
James Caan
Dean Cain
Lou Ferrigno
Jerry Lewis
Rich Little
Michael Moriarty
Jim Norton
Joe Piscopo
Tim Allen
John Ratzenberger
Antonio Sabàto Jr.
Kevin Sorbo
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jon Voight
Fred Williamson
Pat Boone
Larry Gatlin
Loretta Lynn
Wayne Newton
Ted Nugent
Red Steagall
Kanye West
Don King
Johnny Bench
Curt Schilling
Tom Brady
Terrell Owens
Tim Tebow
Rosey Greir
Hershel Walker
Jack Nicklaus
Lou Holtz

Some of these folks may sound familiar, others may not be known to the public. Voters may or may not have cared about their endorsements. The individuals above, with others, fought the intolerant liberal world to openly communicate conservative principles. The majority of voters gave their vote to Donald Trump, the President who will bring our country out of the disaster of Barack Obama years!

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