Monday, November 14, 2016

The Main Stream Media Just Won't Let Us Enjoy Our Victory

The Main Stream Media just won’t let go of its anti-Trump sentiments. A case in point is our local newspaper the San Antonio Express-News, part of the Hearst group. I was reading this Sunday’s paper. We get the Sunday paper only…mainly for coupons, the comic strips, the obits to see who kicked off, occasionally the sports section for horse racing news, and the Business section. Well, I dug into the Business section and found some interesting tidbits.

I found three headlines in the Business section that appear to be critical, as usual, of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory. The first one at the top of the business page reads “WILL TRUMP STEAL CHRISTMAS CHEER?” Boy if that doesn’t say it all! Of course, the writer, who I will keep nameless, adds a sub-headline that reads, “Some analysts fear surprise win could curtail spending.” The writer gives us a juicy headline and then falls back on unknown “analysts” and their fear of lower than expected Christmas spending. Could these analysts be the same intelligent losers who said Trump would never win?  Are these financial gurus the same bunch who called Hillary Clinton a winner? Could it be that these same analysts were the ones giving Barack Obama such great advice on our economy? Heaven forbid these analysts don’t work for some circus sideshow!
The next headline touted “Is Facebook influencing or simply reflecting society?” Now the premise here is that some FB posts were fake headlines centering on Hillary Clinton’s detractors. The fakers mention premature deaths happening to FBI agents who snitched on Hillary. So is it FB news, gossip, or lies? I guess anyone reading these FB posts will automatically think EVERYTHING they read is true! So where are those mindless twits so I can sell them some swampland in Washington D.C.?

The third headline that caught my eye read, “Trump’s victory pleases investors – for now.” The writer wants you to be warned that maybe Donald Trump’s win will be good for our economy...and then maybe not! The person just can’t decide which way the pendulum swings since he had to pawn his crystal ball! I’ll take this article with a grain of sand since the writer is a New York Times hack! One last thing about this article, it was in the “Commentary” section…so its just one person’s opinion.

Well, that’s it for me…I’ve given you my two cents and don’t expect any change in return. It’s my OPINION that the media will keep hacking at Donald Trump because they were all wrong about the presidential election. We, the Silent Majority, selected substance over political scammers!

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