Sunday, November 4, 2012

Amateur Climate Gurus Say Warming Caused Hurricane Sandy

Al Gore and company continue to cry wolf! They claim that "global warming" caused hurricane Sandy and in tun the devastation along the US east coast. It's the only way Gore can continue to sell books, get speak engagements, and make money off the global warming scam!

But this is far from true. Quoting “The earth has not warmed in 16 years,” he said, noting that data comes from British scientists who are revered in the climate-change movement. “All the while, (carbon dioxide) levels been rising, rapidly.”

And more..."So if climate change is not responsible for the devastating storm, what does Steward see as the culprit? He says Sandy was barely a Category 1 hurricane, but when she happened to collide with cold weather systems over the east coast, we got this disaster."

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Climate expert reveals cause of Hurricane Sandy

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