Sunday, November 4, 2012

Newspapers Hit Obama Over Benghazi Massacre

Someone is finally writing about Barack Obama's lack of leadership regarding the Benghazi Massacre. The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal both criticized the Obama administration for avoidance and deception on Benghazi.

According to the below article:

Among those unanswered questions: “Why did the U.S. not heed warnings about a growing Islamist presence in Benghazi and better protect the diplomatic mission and CIA annex?” And: “What exactly happened on the day of 9/11? During the over six hours that the compounds in Benghazi were under siege, could the U.S. have done more to save lives?” And: “What was President Obama doing and ordering his subordinates to do in those fateful hours? Why has the Administration's story about what took place in Benghazi been so haphazard and unclear?”

Read more at the Weekly Standard...

Papers Blast Obama Over Benghazi | The Weekly Standard

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