Friday, November 23, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - The Presidential Election Fix

In today's issue: Michael Savage relied on his background in science to explain why the polls predicting a Romney victory were wrong.
He points to a scientific principle called the "confounding variable."
"When you see that liberal polls such as Gallup and others were wrong in their prediction that Romney would win, you have to ask yourself why," Michael Savage said to listeners.

I'm the only person in America who has the answer.
Because of my background in epidemiology, I've come up with a viable theory.
There is a factor in science called the confounding variable.
Let me explain to you what a confounding variable is.
They are the variables that the researcher failed to control for or eliminate, which damage the validity of the experiment.
My theory is that the illegal aliens in America, who pollsters placed in the category of "not likely voters" or "not registered voters," were the ones who elected Obama.
Just as Arnold Rothstein fixed the 1919 World Series, I believe the presidential election of 2012 was fixed.

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