Monday, November 12, 2012

The Michael Savage Newsletter - The Real Reason Petraeus Taken Down

In today's issue: Savage told his listeners he believes there's something behind the David Petraeus scandal that no one is talking about.
"We know the behavior is unacceptable," Savage said of the extramarital affair that was revealed just days after President Obama was re-elected. "We know that philandering is potential grounds for court martial."
"But it didn't apply to Bill Clinton. Oh no. At that time, all of the vermin in the media, who are such Obamaites today, called those shenanigans. Oh, look the other way, it's the evil right wing trying to bring down a good man, Bill Clinton. I don't hear that now.
"But you don't understand the real reason Petraeus was taken down," Savage said.
Savage revealed his suspicion:
It's somewhat to do with Benghazi and his testimony, for sure. They want to block it, which makes no sense, incidentally, because he' still an American citizen, he could still testify. I don't know where it says if you resign, even in shame, you lose your right to speak. We don't live in Nazi Germany. He could still speak. But there is something more to it that you don't know.
Do you want to hear what it is? Are you ready for this?
Tell me who is going to run for the Republican ticket in 2016 who has a scintilla of a chance to win. Answer, nobody. Not one of these sacks of loserdom could ever win. The bloated hippo from New Jersey (Gov. Chris Christie) finished. The embrace of Obama finished the bloated hippo from New Jersey. Period. (Sen. Marco) Rubio, a lightweight. Zero. There's nobody. I'll tell you there was only one person. It was Petraeus.
Petraeus was the only one the Republicans could have floated who would have had a chance to defeat whoever the Democrats run in 2016. We love our generals. Especially, real generals. As opposed to the fake ones there who in the Pentagon who do it just for the benefits and the contracts.
Savage, noting that as a novelist, he "thinks in novelistic ways," said he suspects both parties got together and worked out a deal.
Here's the screenplay. Here's the scene. ... The Republican Party leadership decided they didn't want Petraeus as a candidate in 2016, because they couldn't control him, because he's too honorable. The Democrats didn't want him to testify about the Benghazi debacle, because it would have possibly brought Obama down.
... So the Republicans said, 'We'll go along with your exposure of this affair, because we both win.' That's it. This didn't happen from one side. Both sides wanted to get rid of him.
Posted from Michael Savage's email newsletter.

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