Thursday, November 8, 2012

Howard Galganov Says...

My friend Bob Eades sent me the below web link. I've included a few excerpts from that web site. Very interesting...

Regarding what you buy:

"The Government can FORCE people to do many things. But they cannot force anyone to purchase products from specific vendors, with the American exception of Obamacare."
"Don’t buy products from UNION shops."

Regarding your business:

"The government can FORCE people to pay their employees certain salaries with specific perks and entitlements. But the government cannot force anyone to hire people. So hire the minimal amount of people possible."

Regarding Liberals:

"The LEFT LOVE to debate and spread their world vision . . . SO DON’T give them the pleasure. BESIDES . . . there’s nothing that you can win in a debate with anyone on the LEFT."

Regarding charity:

"Save your money for people who’ve earned and deserve it."
Checkout the web link for more interesting Conservative fallout to the presidential election.

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