Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Profits Behind the Martin-Zimmerman Case

From the linked article:

"To be brutally honest, the only reason people are even aware of Trayvon Martin is because it became a topic within mainstream news and pop culture. Meaning: News directors saw it as a profitable, sensational story. Hundreds of blacks die annually in South Side Chicago without even a blurb. Trayvon isn't in the mainstream news for any reason other than ratings and profit. The news coverage on the Zimmerman case almost implies that the killing of this young black man is somehow an anomaly and I resent that."

The Trayvon Martin case is not that unusual in this country. Self defense and murder cases cross racial and ethnic lines daily. These stories become news only when the mainstream media needs a lead story to boost their rating. Then, each network and news outlet stumble over each other to get the latest and greatest.

In like manner, those individuals who make their money off race bating jump into the fray. Men like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson smell the money and put on their saintly faces to protest, speak up for, and generally try to make Americans think they are public guardians of racial equality. These are the racial whores giving their bodies to divide races and fan the flames of racial hostility!

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