Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Results of "Racial Pimping"

I've heard the term "racial pimping" and "racist pimps" in describing Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Both individuals make it their business to sell race as an issue. Something negative happens in the U.S. that involves blacks and whites, and these two guys are ready to pronounce it as racist!

The latest as we all know is the boondoggle trial of George Zimmerman. A trial that had no substance. A trial that when originally investigated had no grounds for prosecution. But, Sharpton and Jackson jumped on the case as racial.

BTW...We know, of course, that George Zimmerman is Hispanic. How about that...they don't care they are Al & Jesse Racial Pimps Inc.

See that results of racial pimping at...
Milwaukee mob..."this is for Trayvon Martin"

L.A. riots for Trayvon Martin?

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